April 26, 2006

A Reprise

Priya got to visit her grandparents twice in three weeks - this time without a fever. She had a great time with them, and is feeling at home there. The reason for the visit wasn't so happy though. Tish's grandma finally passed away, so were there for the funeral.

The first video (sorry about the dark lighting) is for David - can we send her to you for lessons? She seems to have the basics down. :-)

Now a few pictures.

At Donnie and Shannon's wedding.

It's always fun to stop at rest stops.

Priya loves looking out of windows.

Grandma Reay

Grandpa Reay

The carseat is now turned around.

April 21, 2006

Baby is growing up

I just came back last night from one of the worst startups I ever had. The machine is a month late already, and they wanted three weeks worth of work done in three days. When I almost got my hand caught in the machine, I knew it was time to come back for the week, and take a little breather.

The one thing that brightened up my week were these one-year old pictures of Priya. Our little baby is growing up. She isn't really walking yet, but can stand, as she is in one of the pictures. Doesn't she look so adorable! Such a little girl.

April 14, 2006

Birthday parties and viruses - taken in stride

Priya started the week of her birthday with an ear infection, progressed to a cold and cough, and graduated with a classic case of Roseola. That was Tish's diagnosis the day before the rashes broke out. Who needs to go to the hospital when you have a 24-hour nurse on standby! For those interested, here's Priya, probably looking her worst. The good part is that the rash doesn't itch. Poor baby.

This past weekend we were in Michigan where Priya got to enjoy two birthday parties. Like Addy, Priya liked the cake, but didn't go all crazy with it. It may be that she was running a 102 fever, or probably more so that she is a fairly clean eater. I had to finally take her hand and smoosh it in the cake.

Yesterday we had the opportunity of another family day. I had some work downtown, so at the last minute we all decided to pile in the van and head out. The girls did some window shopping while I got done. Then we headed out to the Millenium Park, where I had my first look at the finished Bean. Looks pretty cool. We had a minor 'famous person' run-in when we saw Linda Yu from ABC 7.

April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Priya!!

It is amazing how one year has flown by. I can remember just yesterday Tish calling me at work to let me know that we had to go to the hospital that evening. The similarities between that day and today are also remarkable. Priya’s 0’th birthday started out with her having trouble breathing. Her 1’st birthday is marked by her having a cold and fever for the last few days – and trouble breathing. That’s it. This stops here. No more. Here’s to healthy birthdays!

She is an amazing little girl. Though she isn’t feeling well, she has maintained a great attitude, and continues to be a little rascal. That is something I pray stays with her for the rest of her life. We love her so much.

April 01, 2006

Day in the park

Tish and Priya spent a day at the park with Sherry and her girls. It turns out that she didn't much care for swings. I suspect that will change.