March 28, 2011

Armaan as helper, Car Show

Ok.. I've finally caught up to within a few weeks of being current. The past month or so had been pretty busy. I was traveling for 3 weeks straight to Webster, NY for EMC compliance testing for Xerox. This week is spring break, and Tish and the kids are in Michigan.

Since Armaan's birthday is in July, he got to have his class birthday early.

We went to our second annual Chicago Auto Show. This time Armaan liked it a whole lot more. Priya always enjoys family outings.

Armaan's favorite car

The cars from "Cars" - Mater

Lightning McQueen

Global Warming 2011

We had the most gigantic snowstorm that I have ever experienced in early February. The snow was over 3 feet deep by morning, with drifts going up 5 feet in the backyard.

Pose up. The snow is waiting.

Getting started...

An hour of shoveling and this is all I got?

If you wait and stare long enough, about a micron of snow layer evaporates

My neighbor had a better idea - shoveling

The backyard still needs to be done

Priya played outside for about 20 minutes

Armaan lasted about 5

Catching up on Christmas

Its almost the end of March - time to put up those Christmas pics! :-)

But first, Armaan's first boo-boo that needed a bandaid

This pillow is now a fixture on Armaan's bed

Bruno and Sarah's little girl, Tillie on her baptism

Opening presents with cousin Trace

Priya's window "stained glass" that I helped finish