March 23, 2010

The Long Wait

The biggest news from our side is that I went ahead and booked our tickets for our first family trip to India. Even though the visit is not till late November, booking it early helps with a number of things. The biggest anxiety that I had was not knowing what the final ticket price would be. The price could go down. The price could go up. So at the risk of saving a few hundred dollars, I decided it would be worth it to just get it nailed down. C'est la vie.

I am also considering applying for the OCI visa. This would be the "Overseas Citizen of India" card. This is a onetime application for lifelong, unlimited in and out visa for the kids and I. Tish would have to continue getting regular visas. I figured I might as well get it for the kids now while there is the opportunity. They will always have it for the rest of their lives. The process takes about 14 weeks, so I wanted to have enough time to do that too.

Our annual visit to the Flower and Garden Show

Priya had to be convinced to get on the Ferris Wheel

Armaan couldn't wait to get on it

The first time Priya has ever gotten a face painting

March 01, 2010

Winter is almost over

The coldest months are now over. The snow is beginning to melt. We might have a snowfall here and there, but the worst of winter is over. Ahhh.. we can all look forward to spring and summer. The exciting this for us this year is going to be our early winter trip to India. I still haven't purchased the tickets yet, but the dates are late Nov to mid Dec. The last time we were there was over 5 years ago, and never with the kids. So the challenges will be not entirely minimal. Still, we are looking forward to it with excitement!

Start of the snowman build

Something doesn't look right...


We took the kids to the Chicago auto show. What would have been Armaan's best day turned out to be one where he had a fever.

The future Danica Patrick - and one who can actually drive!