March 29, 2008

A good week

This picture says it all. This was the week that Priya was going to be potty-trained. The whole process went surprisingly well. Tish started out on Monday by telling Priya that she wasn't going to be wearing diapers any more and that she was going to be using the potty. She had one accident the entire day. The hard part was getting her to go poop. She didn't go all of Monday, and finally went on Tuesday. Throughout the week she had one accident while at the park, but that's been it. We went to the movies today (Horton Hears a Who), and we went to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. So as far as the hard part of getting her to use the toilet is over.

Speaking of other good news, Priya's bed-rails came in this morning. It's amazing how easy it is to use parts actually made for the bed! You can read my experience with off-the-shelf rails here. Tish already has the bedding picked out, and when that gets here, I will put up a picture of the final bed.

I was in Pittsburgh this last week where I had the pleasure of being in the same town as George Bush. On the way to the airport, the expressway was shut down for 40 minutes. We were dead-stopped, and I had no way of knowing what was going on. At the airport, planes were lined up on the runway for over 30 minutes waiting to take off, but couldn't because Air Force One had to take off first. Coupled with that and bad weather following it, my 7:30p flight didn't leave till 11p. The fun of traveling. I will be going to San Jose this coming week - can't wait.

Priya's version of "smile for the camera"

Happy birthday, mama

March 20, 2008

In Anticipation

I just realized that we are waiting in anticipation of several things. We are still waiting for Priya's bed rails to get here. Once the bed is done, she will get new bedding. We are waiting for her birthday party, and the fun things that will bring. Shortly after that is our vacation. Right around that time is when the promised economic stimulus check from the IRS is expected to arrive.

[Side note: If the intent of the money being sent by the Federal government is to provide a stimulus to the economy by spending it, is it wrong to put it into a savings account?]

Ok.. back to expectations... We are up to.. I think June. Ok.. Then in a month will be Armaan's first birthday. Party time again. I can't think past July now, but it's weird that the first half of the year is mapped out already!

I recently learned that a few German colleagues of mine are readers of this blog. So I wanted to take the opportunity of saying hi! Sorry I don't talk about work much here - I'm not sure how interesting machine automation would be to the general reader!

This fella still doesn't like to crawl...

...but I don't think he minds it one bit!

There's a pattern to Priya's posing

Find it yet?

A couple of grease monkeys ready for their baths

My pretty girl


Easter Basket

March 10, 2008

Now to the next adventure

Well.. there really isn't any adventure in sight, except our upcoming vacation to the Caribbean. Actually, the next big thing is probably Priya's birthday party. For the last six months (literally), she has been talking about the cake she wants on her birthday party. Layered pink cake, with sprinkles. She saw it on one of the episodes of Max and Ruby and now that's the one she wants. By the way, Backyardigans is so a thing of the past. Now it's nothing but Max and Ruby. Though she has started taking interest in some older programming like Little Bill or even the Doodlebops. The latter I find to be strange, but maybe not as strange as Yo Gabba Gabba.

I got back last Friday from a week in Germany. This has to be my best trip yet when it comes to dealing with jet lag. I wanted to try out a method that I had heard about - no eating junk food, and no caffeine. I stuck to both of them, and I has adjusted both there and back within a day and a half. That's pretty amazing. I remember one of my trips when I slept 2 and 4 hours respectively on the first and second nights. Talk about ugh.

In my absence, everyone home fell sick. Armaan even had a fever of a 103 for a few days. He still has a slight cough, but is none the worse for wear. He really is an amazing little boy. For the last 45 minutes he has been sitting next to me playing with his toys without making any fuss. My latest worry for him is that he isn't mobile enough. He shows no interest in wanting to get from point A to point B. Well.. with Priya I thought she would never walk, so history tells me that these things do take place eventually. Still, it's easy to compare him with Priya, and other kids his age. But for sure, there's no trading him in for anyone else! There's a depth to his sweetness that goes beyond being merely baby sweet.