October 07, 2010

Fourth quarter

Its the first week of October already! Back in March I was talking about buying tickets for India. Now our trip is six weeks away! The kids and I are also officially "Overseas Citizens of India." Doesn't mean much, except that the kids will have the lifetime ability to go in and out of India as they like - no more visas needed. You never know which one might want to explore their roots later in life. The process itself was typical Indian bureaucracy. It took all of the 14 weeks that was advised, along with one trip to the consulate.

Priya likes to get her hair straightened when its cut

Like with his cars, Armaan's pretty good with spatial arrangements

Class trip to the fire house

Ninja girls

Armaan's day to be "helper"

Describing what the weather is like outside

Show and tell - his car, of course!

Serving snacks

The 1,000 watt smile!