April 20, 2008

Alive again

I'm tired writing about being sick, and I'm sure everyone is tired with reading it too. But being hit with gastro-intestinal, and then respiratory illnesses is no fun, especially within weeks of each other. Ok enough of that.

We have about three weeks to go before our Grand Cayman vacation. Wow. Before you know it, we'll be there. Hmmm.. I can't remember. If I didn't post the link to the place we're going, check it out here. If it's half as nice as what it looks in the pictures, the trip will be made!

How old are you, Priya?

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa usually means putting something together with Grandpa

Test run indoors

Click on the picture to make it bigger and see my fancy work

Would it ever seem that this fella has a temper?

April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Priya!

Before I start with the birthday party, I should probably recount the week. On Monday I had taken the kids out to Oberweis for some ice-cream. After we got done, Priya wanted to play with the chess set that they have set out. So I had Armaan on my lap as I played a few moves with Priya. A few minutes later I looked down, and saw that the reason that Armaan was so content was because he was busy chewing on the head of the black King. So King out of Armaan's mouth, and home we go. The next morning Armaan woke up not feeling very well. Hmm.. ok... Later that morning I flew out to San Jose. I was fine the entire day, but at about ten that night I woke up feeling totally nauseated. From that point, I threw up just about every couple of hours. My stomach felt like a distended balloon which could not take in a drop of water. The next morning was when the diarrhea hit. I was bed-ridden the entire day - it hurt to move, or even make a phone call. The following day, after being unable to eat for over 24 hours, and not very well hydrated, I had to somehow endure the 4+ hour flight back. I've never been this sick ever, and that made this the worst trip I have ever had to make in the ten years of traveling for work. Armaan, in the meantime was getting better, but it was Tish who was down next. This was Thursday. I made it home that night, but in the words of Tish, "another soldier fell through the night." Christy was down all of Friday. And this list doesn't include a few other people and kids who had visited during the week...

...but this fella doesn't care... he loves to share!

Thankfully, through this all, Priya escaped. We had been praying and hoping that she would because her birthday party was on Saturday, and she had been counting down the days. When Saturday came around, bright and clear, we were all fully recovered, and ready to be in party mode.

Ok.. Armaan needs a little help to get into party mode...

Uncle Todd and Auntie Susan are trying to help...

But Joo Yeon is the one who has success...

Guess it's never too early...