August 17, 2009

Mid-summer catching up

It doesn't feel like we've had that much of a summer this year. I think its mostly because we've not gone to the beach at all this summer. The weather has just now gotten hot, but then there have been other things that have taken up weekend time.

The kids are busy being kids. That pretty much sums up their summer! This last week Armaan graduated to being a post-2 year old boy by having to give up his pacifier. I don't think its still sunk in for him - I almost catch a glimpse of hope that the next bedtime will bring it back. So far no problems, though. If everything goes well, that will be two kids who came off of pacifiers with no issues.

On a different note, Armaan is now entering the phase where he starts getting anxious with new places and new people. It takes him a little bit to stop feeling anxious, look around, and see that everything is still ok. I took him with me to the barber shop, and for 20 mins he stood straight as a ruler, whimpering by my feet. About five minutes before we had to leave, he broke out of it, and became interested in what the whole place was about.

Priya spent a week at vacation bible school at a local church. She pretty much loved it. She loves being in a social setting with other kids. She can't wait for her pre-school to start again in a few weeks.

Priya and Skylar in their VBS presentation

Grandma Kathie's birthday

Along with beaches, we had also missed out on a couple of carnivals that we go to every year. Fortunately, the Lake County Fair was still going on, and we had a free weekend. We had a really good time. Priya finally got to ride in the bumper cars that she'd been wanting to go on for the last two years.

The two rides below were really amusing to me. The first one was where the kids sat in cars and trucks. Priya howled the whole ride through, while you can see how Armaan's expression is - pretty stoic.

The next ride was where they sat in motorboats. Priya had fun clanging the bell the entire time, while Armaan wanted no part of it. Kids...

I love Armaan's expession in this picture