September 28, 2007


I've just completed an exhausting five weeks. Five cities in as many weeks. Hopefully I will be staying in town for a while. Armaan just got his first pictures taken. Here he is, along with Priya. When I've had a chance to settle down, I will put up pictures of the week Tish and the kids spent up in Michigan.

September 17, 2007

Back on the road

I will be hitting the road again for a few weeks. This week I'm heading out to Atlanta, and then back to Tampa the following week. It's tiresome, but I enjoy what I do. At least I will be home over the weekends, so I don't complain much.

This weekend we will be traveling to Michigan for Grandma Jody's 50th birthday. It will be an interesting weekend because Priya is too big for her pack-and-play. We have not moved her from her crib to a bed yet. So we will be taking her mattress, and having her sleep on it with all her blankets and stuff - just no crib. If she does well, then converting her crib to a bed isn't that far off.

We passed a minor milestone this past week. Tish saw Priya straining, and asked if she needed to go to the potty. She said yes, and was successful in her efforts. Tish used the word "turd" to point out to Priya what was in the toilet, and what she had just done. Now Priya's walking around saying "turd, turd" every time you ask her about going to the bathroom. Well... It could be worse!

We have recently started to daydream about going to a big family vacation. I have enough miles to fly us to Hawaii or something, and so we're just thinking - now wouldn't that be nice! I keep thinking that we should do something culturally significant, like Spain or Italy or something like that. But Tish's opinion is that we've had enough culture to last us for some time; time to hit the beaches!

Armaan is just smiling away now - happy to get attention whenever he can. He's starting to consistently do about 5 hours at a stretch at nights. So the sleeping situation is incrementally getting better.

September 11, 2007

Two months

Armaan is pushing two months now. And I think I remember every minute of the first month! The second one kinda slid by because I was traveling so much. He's sleeping about 4 or 5 hours at night, so that's good. When is he going to start doing the 8-10?!! Priya didn't do that till she was over three months, so it may yet be a while. In fact, he is doing way better than Priya was at this age. Uhhh... wait a second. Don't I always hear that you shouldn't compare children?!!

Last night I had dinner with my blogging friend Tyson, who was in town for a conference.

Also, speaking of kids, go on over to Johnny and Michelle, and wish them good luck with their pregnancy. They are turning out to be especially efficient in having kids, so if anyone needs any tips - well, they are the ones to ask!


This year will be nine years since I started working for my company. I can still remember by first day at work. The first week I was there we had our first round of layoffs. I remember being called into the GMs office and being told that I was "safe." Which didn't provide much comfort to the people being laid off. Anyway, here's how I started out...

And then from the sales end of things, I went into application work - now this is real engineering.

We got bought out...

And now this

September 08, 2007

Future Rodeo Queen

I've had a pretty rough three weeks. I've been in Minneapolis, Tampa/St. Pete and Richmond for the better part of each week. Next week I was supposed to fly out to California, but thankfully that got postponed. I'm looking forward to spending a week at home.

For the last two weeks Priya has had an obsession with horses and cowboys because she went to Talor's one-year birthday party where she got to ride a horse. She was fearless, and it seems like we need to start her off with some riding lessons!

September 01, 2007

Meanwhile back home...

I was gone most of this week to sunny Tampa/Clearwater. Even though I was five miles from the world famous St. Pete beaches, I didn't get to see a single grain of sand. That's how traveling for work is. I did see three buildings though - the airport, the customer plant, and the hotel. My rental was a convertible PT Cruiser, and I got to get the top down once when I was going back to the hotel close to midnight. There weren't too many people in the streets at that time who thought I looked cool.

But back home, life was going on. Priya had a couple of play dates, and Armaan concerned himself with eating. It's been confirmed - he does smile. Though when I've tried to get him to do it, he stares at me with a frown, wondering who I am. Not to worry - in a few years he will know where his allowances are coming from. Then I will get lots of smiles.

Armaan's not sure what to make of the doctor who delivered him

A play date with Skylar at the Splash Pad

Priya at first was helping set her towel out so they both could sit

But then she realized that the towel was hers. Hmmm.. I don't wanna share...