January 23, 2009

Catching up

Not a whole lot has been going on with us. The year is off to a quiet start. We've had a severe stretch of cold weather, along with many inches of snow. The severity of the weather has been unusual in the past few years.

For those looking for a consumer report on the Bosch appliances, here it is: the stove is incredible; the dishwasher is quiet. The stove really is pretty cool, and I would recommend it any day. The dishwasher is another story. For Tish, one of the problems is how the dishes load (Ok.. maybe that will go away through use and figuring out what goes where). The other, what should I say, "issue" is how the dishwasher dries the load. It doesn't use forced hot-air convection. Instead it's got some weird condensation drying technique where it pumps in extra hot water, and the slightly cooler steel cylinder is supposed to condense out the moisture from the dishes. Works very well for ceramic or metal items. But anything that's plastic is left (sometimes dripping) wet. Maybe the Europeans are smart and don't use cancer-inducing plastic containers and plates and what not. Oh well. At least the washer is incredibly quiet.

The two princesses

Priya's portrait of Armaan

The cocoon

Happy birthday to me

January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008

It's the beginning of 2009 already. Here's to another whirlwind year. Unlike last year where we were looking forward to our Grand Cayman trip, there really aren't any major planned things to look forward to this time. Maybe that's a good thing - a little more relaxing year. We just got back from spending a week in Michigan with the different grandparents. The kids got thoroughly spoiled everywhere, and had a great time.

Merry Christmas, Armaan

Starting to open presents...

...till we're surrounded in a sea of wrapping paper

Taking a break by getting some nutrition...

So true...

Just like old times...

Priya in training

Putting together her easel with grandpa

Our budding artist

Armaan had fun with uncle Graham

Playing the drums with grandpa

Priya's happiest in snow

Stylin' with grandma

Going on a choo-choo train

More presents!

My own chapstick

Cousin Trace

Can you tell Priya's excited at her present?

Long hair...

Is that food?

I got a Barbie? Yay!

Armaan loved helping aunt Paula

Armaan's new expression for the camera when someone says, "Smile!"

Postage paid for Siberia