July 27, 2007

The Last Harry/Hurrah

I stood in line at midnight to get the last Harry Potter book. Every other time I had gone the following morning, but since I was up for Armaan anyway, I thought I'd experience the last opening sale. The book itself is OK. Everything is neatly wrapped up. But when Voldemort turns to Harry and says, "Harry, I am your father" I thought I'd read that story somewhere else! And then Harry turns to Hagrid and says, "Let's go Chewie..."

I go back to work on Monday. I am fully expecting people to ask me how my "vacation" was. As if this time really is vacation. It's been nice to be off, though. Lot's of time spent with the family.
One of the last purchases we did was to buy a crib. We decided it was better off just to get one for Armaan, instead of borrowing one. So after some looking we bought a similar one to Priya's - a crib to start with, which then converts to a full bed.

Tish's dream this year has been to feel the stingrays at Brookfield Zoo. So we used our free passes and went for a quick trip. It was an overcast day, which made it nice because the sun was hidden. Priya loved the petting zoo. Whereas last time she was deathly afraid of the chickens, this time she was fascinated by them. And Tish got to feel the stingrays too!

Christy's helping raise her second kid!

Wonder what he's got on his mind...

July 22, 2007

Sad Parting

Today was the day that was six weeks in the making. We dropped my parents off to the airport. A lot has happened in the past month and a half. Rachel's wedding couldn't be moved, but Armaan came in 10 days early to no one's dismay, but everyone's delight! He got to spend that much extra time with his grandparents. Parting is sorrowful, no matter how many memories you take with you. Priya insisted on kissing 'dada' and 'dadi' before she went to bed, and is going to be confused for a few days. I took an additional week off from work, so that will be nice.

The sleeping baby! Can we hear an "Awwww...."?!!

Priya and Armaan's pediatrician, Dr. John

Hey look! We match!

Priya's new favorite - bubble baths

There's always time to have fun at the park

The Sens

Until we meet again

July 17, 2007


While my parents were here, we thought it would be great to get Armaan dedicated. Another difference with second-borns. With Priya, our pediatrician had told us not to venture out into the world before six weeks. So being responsible parents, we complied. 10 days into his existence, Armaan was up front and center-stage. Does this make us less responsible parents? Or are some guidelines way too overrated?

Priya didn't care too much for the proceedings
Tish got a nice shower from Sherry V.
And for those who want to see, here's Armaan's dedication video.

July 12, 2007

A Week Old

Life is continuing along merrily in the Sen household. We discovered a few days ago that Armaan is the oldest male Sen of his generation this side of the Atlantic. He beat out his nearest competitor by 17 hours! I am the oldest male Sen of my generation worldwide. So I guess I can pass on some of my legacy!

Priya is starting to warm up to the idea of having a baby around. She's stopped looking for the receipts to have him returned for a refund (in a matter of speaking). It used to be that she would walk past him, look through him, and pretty much ignore the fact that he was around. Now she will acknowledge him, and on rare occasions even kiss him. The fact that he sleeps most of the day, and she still gets a lot of attention works out very well. I can't imagine what it would have been like if he was a fussy baby, and we had our hands full with him. So, in spirit of my last post, please continue to pray along with us that his nature and personality continue to be of a laid back kinda guy. Who doesn't like people who are laid back?!!

Grandma enjoying Armaan
My dad trying out his first lawn mowing
Armaan with his first bath. He didn't seem to like it too much. My mom left the kitchen 'cause she couldn't see his distress!
But look! Isn't it nice to be clean?!!

July 07, 2007

Living up to his name

Ten points to anyone who remembers what Armaan's name means. Ok... It means "heart's desire." So far, the little fella is living up to his name. He is really the desire of how every parent wishes their newborn child was. He eats, sleeps, and fusses only when he wants to eat, or needs to be changed. He is so unlike how Priya was. With her, the slightest bit of overstimulation would set off hours of crying and fussing. So 72 hours need not be a precedent, but I'm hoping it's the start of a pattern. We would love it if he ends up staying this way. We had such a difficult time with Priya in the beginning, that with Armaan, both Tish and I keep waiting for the change to take place. But I was telling Tish today - just like I refuse to accept as a "given" that Priya will go through "terrible" twos, I refuse to accept that Armaan will be anything but a blessing. Can I get an amen to that?

Tish is happy after a quick delivery

She is still the princess of the house. It's the kingdom that's been divided!
My two babies!
The proud grandparents