July 23, 2010

Ten years together!

On June 17th we celebrated our tenth anniversary. How time flies!! Lots of good times...

Trip to Michigan

Tish and the kids took an almost 3 week trip to Michigan. It was a nice time of extended stay, though after about 2 days I got pretty bored! Here are some pictures from the visit.

Going fishing!

July 06, 2010

Happy birthday Armaan!

Happy third birthday to my little boy! Well.. he's not so little anymore! He's such a delight to be with.

Armaan and Priya's cake that dada and dadi sent from India

Summer fun

For the last ten days, I have been living the bachelor life while Tish and the kids have been in Michigan. The being alone thing was fun - for all of a day. Then it got pretty lonely and boring. Big ol' house, and I'm living in just one room of it. So I spent some time messing around with things that needed to be fixed.

The first was the furnace. I thought I had fixed the noise from the draft inducer with some lock nuts, but that doesn't help bad bearings. So I ended up ordering a new unit and putting that in. Like with any project, it took longer to put everything back together, than to take it apart.

(Don't mind the red circles. I had posted this picture in an appliance forum looking for advice)

The next project was my car. The power lock in the rear door went bust. How many of you have heard the eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh sound of a bad power lock? That's what it was. So I ended up going to the junkyard, and pulling the actuator from a wreck. I've really come to like this place because they pretty much leave you alone. I can get to practice on lots of cars before finally breaking into my own. And the age-old rule of DIY projects applied here - the right tools help you get the job done quickly! Before this, I never knew there was such a thing as a door panel tool.

Now onto the stuff the kids have been doing...

The day before they left, we had complete power outage for two days. You can't tell here, but the room is pitch black.

Priya's tree is growing up with her

The kids loved camping out at grandpa's backyard

Cooking breakfast in the mess tent the next morning