May 20, 2007


Ahhh... it's fun going absolutely crazy with the amount of work that needs to be done around the house. Our bedroom furniture is finally in (pictures soon). I was totally not prepared for how gigantic a king size bed-set is. It dwarfs just about everything else in the room. There isn't any room for our old 27" TV. So now I am trying to see if I can find a cheap flat-panel TV to mount on the wall. The idea is to get something that will be reasonably good, without the name-brand price attached to it.

The nursery is also coming along. It's funny how when we were planning for Priya, no money decision was really questioned (the luxury of two incomes). Now we have to think about whether we even need a second crib, or a rocking chair or whatever. So either the second-born is shortchanged (conventional wisdom), or the first-born gets unusually more (probably more the case).

Priya was quite bewildered with all the changes going around in the house - especially with the rooms torn apart. But she has kept up her good spirits.

May 08, 2007

Two years, and counting

From this time on, Priya's pictures will become an annual thing, instead of bi-annual. But that may not be the case completely - she may still make a guest appearance when her brother comes around!

Here are Priya's two-year pictures. She had a hard time getting them taken mostly because the person taking the pictures decided that the best way to talk to all kids is to have a really high pitched voice with lots of giggling thrown in for good measure. It would be one thing if we talked like that with Priya all the time. With this woman, she was just scared. But, in spite of that, the photographer had a good eye, and snapped a few very good pictures.

May 03, 2007

State of disarray

For the last week or so the house has been turned upside down. Not only are we converting the upstairs office to a nursery, we are also repainting our room and getting new furniture and carpeting. So everything is strewn all over the place. Makes for a very messy living. But after it's all done, the two rooms will look transformed.

Priya has been wandering around the house trying to figure out what's taking place. The two rooms that she used to know well are now out-of-bounds. There's only a few weeks between when the rooms are put back together to when her life changes with a baby brother in the house.

This pregnancy has just raced past. In a way it still seems unreal. Well, I'm sure reality is but a hungry baby's cry away!

A last look at the office the way it was

And the bedroom - minus the new furniture
Best way to dry spackle
The inspector
A visit from the ice-cream truck

Priya's obsession with her blankets...

Every kid loves playing in water, even though it's freezing outside

Only for die-hard fans of Priya

And here's a link to Christy's blog where there's a new video of Priya with Lucy.