September 18, 2009

Armaan Special

The title is because all the pictures I could find were of Armaan. But first, some serious stuff...

I got the bad news today that there is some nerve damage in my optic nerve. It has not affected my vision so far, but the goal is to keep this contained. During the last few weeks I've learned a fair amount about glaucoma. I've always associated the disease with older people. The doctor was telling me that its great that I've caught it now, instead of her other patients who walk in at 50 completely blind. Nothing can be done then.

Ok.. so now on to other things. Just looking at my front lawn I started noticing lots of leaves. Umm.. is fall here already? What happened to summer? In a month or so it will be apple picking season again. Yikes! This year has really flown by. I am definitely not looking forward to winter.

Priya's first day of pre-school

September 06, 2009

Lonely blog

Sorry to my dwindling readership - i just didn't have the time to put up a post. Things were a little busy. But now that I actually start to think about what we were doing - blank. The biggest thing was really Priya being a little sick. Sick as in not having a fever, but have severe stomach issues. For several days she had blood and mucus in her stool. And not only that, she was going upwards of 8-10 times a day. Poor girl. Nothing came out of the lab results. She is now good as before, but we are left wondering what that was all about.

We just got back from a wedding in Kalamazoo. We stayed at a pretty nice Radisson in one of the bigger suites, so there was room for everyone. The kids loved it, as is common with anything new. They had a pretty nice pool and jacuzzi where we spent a few hours. Armaan still doesn't like water all *that* much. He doesn't like to be in it by himself, though he will spend hours in it if you hold him. Priya, like her mama, is a water baby and can happily swim around (though still with an arm floatie).

Priya with her growing collection of lap dogs

The only way the kids would get on the dance floor. They were pretty tired by this point.

Armaan can entertain himself for long periods of time lining up his cars and trucks.