January 09, 2010

Christmas Roundup

So its the start of another decade. Ten years ago around this time, we were looking to buy a house. We had looked at close to 40 houses before we finally picked ours. In a few months the preparations for the wedding would start in earnest. And now here we are - 2010. I suppose even though a decade seems to fly by, lots of big changes happen in between. A decade prior to 2000 I was in India almost ready to graduate high school, with very little idea on what lay ahead.

Here's a brief look at how our Christmas went. I was off for almost two weeks because the office was shut down (more cost cutting measures). It was nice to be off though because it gave me lots of time with Tish and the kids.

Armaan is the winner in the princess jewelry game

The picture that made it in the Christmas card

One of the 30 pictures that didn't...

Our gift opening with the kids was almost a week early

I love this picture of Priya - you can get a sense of what she will look like as she gets older

Priya as Mary in her pre-school Christmas play

Priya's favorite teacher is leaving before the end of the school year

Priya's other current (and Armaan's next year) teacher

Armaan still opens his gifts one scrap at a time

This picture can stay captionless

Priya with cousin Trace and aunty Paula

Priya with Santa number 1

Our annual train ride

Priya with Santa number 2

Armaan did not care one bit for Dancer

Armaan's first train set

Santa number 3 who always makes house calls