December 05, 2009

Bunch of videos

Catching up

The year is coming to a fast close. This has been one stressful year for me. With the economy having tanked, there was constant fear that I might not have a job any given week. Even now I look forward to every Friday because then I know at least I'll be back on Monday. Just a few weeks ago we had more layoffs where people with 12-18 years of seniority were laid off. So it still sucks. The economic forecast has been the same for the last decade - next year is going to be better.

Priya has been doing very well in her pre-school. We are currently exploring what school she should go for kindergarten. I think for sure I don't want her to start out in the public school system. She has thrived in a Christian pre-school, and for starters we are thinking about two Christian schools. One is in Lansing, and one is in a town a few miles down the road. Both have their strong points, and weak points. But they do have one thing in common - they are both expensive!

Let's catch up with a few things that the kids have been up to...

Apparently the US doesn't believe in child labor laws

The only rest the workers are allowed

Flapper girl

And her puppy

What better costume than this to beg for candy

The Thanksgiving table

Priya wants the stuffing!