November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Starting from today, the rest of the year just speeds by. Pretty soon it will be Christmas, and then the end of the year. This year we are doing something different for Thanksgiving. We're giving up the traditional stay-at-home turkey dinner and going commercial. Tish's parents are in town, and we thought it might be fun to go to Texas de Brazil (Tish got half-price coupons). So that's where we're headed in a few hours. Lots of meat - just not of the turkey and stuffing variety.

All of us have survived the week of not feeling good. Armaan has regained his appetite, and is not anywhere close to being a skinny boy. Which is fine with me! It's a lot of fun to hold and play with a squishy baby.

Priya still thinks she can play in the exersaucer

The sleep of the content

Say goo-goo gaa-gaa and he starts laughing - every time

November 09, 2007

A Brief Reprieve

Thanks for everyone who gave encouragements and suggestions regarding my commute situation. The latest on that is that the inevitable has been delayed for a bit. We decided that we're going to try picking up the one person that's moving away half-way to work. We'll see how that works for a month, and then decide if it's worth it.

Things at home have been a little tiring lately. Armaan's been sick for a few days, and is very fussy. Nothing major - no fever or anything - just a small cough, and not feeling well. Coupled with Priya being extra whiny, it's been a challenging week for us. Tish gets to enjoy it all day, and then I get my fill when I get home.

On the fun side, we finally got video-conferencing going with my parents in India. It's been nice to see them, and talk for free. Priya hasn't quite gotten used to the idea of it yet. She thinks she's watching a video on the computer, and doesn't know how to interact with the images and sounds!

Here she is helping measure out spices for cooking Indian food

This year we decided that Priya could go out trick-or-treating. She went out with her friend Skylar (and her older sisters). She made out like a bandit, or in her case, a cow-girl!

Armaan just celebrated his 4th month birthday. He is such a sweet boy. If he's fussing, it means something's not right. Otherwise, he still remains a happy baby.

Hanging out with his older sister in her crib