February 25, 2008

Neverending Winter

By all measures, this has been one of the worst winters that I can remember. Actually, I don't think I can remember a worse one. Not only has it snowed many feet of snow, there have been record number of days with below freezing temperatures. Winters in Chicago are cold, but not weeks of cold weather. There's really something to be said about Groundhog Phil who had predicted six more weeks of winter. Spring is nowhere in sight.

This weekend I leave for Germany for a week. I think this will be the longest I have been away since Armaan was born. I'll try to put in a post while I'm there just to say hi.

Yep - Papa's are just as good putting on nail polish!

February 09, 2008

Traveling Days

I managed to get by January without any major travels. But those days are going to be over. I will be traveling to Alabama next week, and then to Germany for a week shortly after that. I've not spent too much time in Alabama before, so a week in Birmingham should be interesting. Last night we saw the movie "Rendition." It's about the practice of extraordinary rendition, now so in vogue in the US. I was kidding around how when I get back from Germany, I won't really be getting back. I was making light of it, but in a way it's not very funny.

Armaan got a photo-shoot done a few days ago, thanks to Scott Van Ek. I will put up a few non-Photoshopped pictures for now.

Priya getting in on the action...

And then me getting in...

This is a typical picture of Armaan when he's thoroughly enjoying the attention he's getting.

Tish took the kids out for some sledding action to make some use of the massive snowfalls we've been getting. This is one outing Armaan didn't enjoy. It's not like he was cold!